Thailand’s Sickest – Hell To Pay

The 2nd in the Thailand's Sickest series. Read it and let me know what you think...
The sequel in the Thailand’s Sickest series. GRAB IT NOW!

This is the second book in Thailand’s Sickest trilogy.

Fiction and reality blur in this second book. In fact, all of Mike’s books appear to have more than a generous dose of reality mixed in with the fictional events of the stories. In this fiction sequel, the main character Justin is stalked by what appears to be a ruthless vigilante bent on evening up the score. Where did he come from? Why is he trying to remove Justin from the face of the earth? It’s all unclear for a while, and Justin spends a good portion of the first half of the book trying to figure that out. In fact, it’s an unlikely character that lays it all out for him. Not sure who he can trust in Thailand and who he can’t, he enlists the help of an acquaintance living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – a “Merchant of Death,” if you will.

The tension mounts and then explosions erupt from an RPG in the jungle. The entire story takes a major twist in the middle of the book, and Justin finally gets on the right track to finding and destroying the REAL enemy.

This book is a continuation of the first, and yet the story has changed quite a bit. Mike Fook is a master of suspense, and the tale is woven in a way you won’t figure out what is going on for a considerable time. Still, the pace is fast and the dying and dead are in heaps.


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