Thailand Fiction Books | Best of the Best

The Best Thailand Fiction Books Available

Of course, these are the best of the best. The first couple are mine, and the third is a buddy’s. The rest are good Thailand fiction books I’ve read over the years. I’ve found that I REALLY don’t enjoy Thailand fiction writers for the most part.

The detective story genre is just such crap to me, that I can’t even force myself to read them any longer. That’s all anybody writes here. Bad detective stories. Stephen Leather has some good Bangkok fiction, and I highly recommend you check out the sample for some of his books at Amazon and get one.

I don’t anticipate writing any more books about Thailand, I’m going to write for a bigger market in 2017 and beyond. Thailand is a small niche. I’m hoping to find even more success by branching out.

Thanks for reading my books over the years, I have met so many cool people as a result of my Thailand books.