Thai Black Book – Thailand Survival Guide by Tom Wilson

Thai Black Book - Survival guide for Thailand travelers.
128 pages. 100% Unique.  Illustrated. Information no other guide covers.

Chapters in Thai Black Book

1 – Things that Can Kill You
2 – Other Cautions
3 – Thai Culture – the Essentials
4 – Thai Concept of “Face”
5 – Foreign Men – Thai Women Relationships
6 – Bar Girls
7 – Foreign Women -Thai Men Relationships
8 – Ladyboys (Katoeys)
9 – Thais and Alcohol
10 – How Thais Fight – Staying Alive
11 – Pornography, Indecency
12 – Underage Sex
13 – Illegal Drugs
14 – Scam Alerts
15 – Technology
16 – Teaching in Thailand
17 – Money Saving Tips
18 – Helpful Phone Numbers & Other Info
Thailand FAQ
Poisonous and Non-Poisonous Snake Photos

If this is your first time to Thailand – you need this book.

If you are a long-term expat that doesn’t understand what’s happening in Thailand… if you don’t understand the concept of face very well – you need this book.

If you are the type of person to get into fights, or get taken advantage of during scams – you need this book.

If you are going to drink a lot, indulge in the other nightlife passion that most guys come for – you need this book.

If you are a woman interested in dating Thai men – you need this book.

  • 128 pages packed with new information you won’t find in ANY other Thailand guide.
  • Illustrated
  • Easy to read formatted Adobe PDF file you can read on your Nokia, iPhone, or other smart phone, notepad, netbook, iPad, MacBook Pro, Mac anything, or desktop PC computer.
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  • Sold to buyers in – Thailand, UK, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA, Spain, Korea, Philippines, Denmark, Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, and even 2 folks in Fiji.

NOTE – There is nothing in this book promoting illegal activities. Shooting pornography in Thailand is a punishable offense with jail-time and big fines. Underage sex is a serious offense that can get you years in jail. The chapters in Thai Black Book covering these subjects reveal Thailand’s stance on these subjects and doesn’t offer any information about how you can obtain illegal drugs, sex, or employment shooting pornography. What you get instead is 128 pages of STREET SMARTS that will help you have a better vacation than you would have otherwise.

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