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EBooks Starting to Take Off!

We have a few channels where we sell eBooks – and it’s quite clear by sales lately that the ebook world is taking off like a rocket-ship.

Sales have increased at least 30% month over month for almost a year now. That’s pretty nice growth. The end is nowhere in sight – as most people are still reading paperback books. Imagine when that changes and people finally throw away their paperback books and go for eBooks. EBook authors will be rejoicing – while those stuck in contracts with paperback publishers will be crying in their Cheerios.

Currently we have 14 books for sale at Amazon’s Kindle Store – and here at ThailandEbooks.com. We are selling over 400 books per month online. No paper. No postal service.

If you have been thinking about jumping into Ebook publishing -now is the time. Get started today and don’t look back. The future is eBooks – not paperback books.