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New Thailand Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Thailand

Book by Mike Fook, The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Thailand.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Thailand by Mike Fook.

Mike Fook has reviewed all the available information about teaching English in Thailand and distilled it into this one – guide. This new book is filled with pertinent information about moving to Thailand and obtaining a job teaching English.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Thailand covers:

  • Before coming to Thailand – are you sure Thailand is the right Asian country to start your adventure in?
  • Thai culture – do’s and don’ts, and the maybes. What you can get away with and what doesn’t fly.
  • Thai ‘face’ – the major underlying guide for Thai society and individuals
  • First few days in Thailand – what to do to get oriented.
  • Scams – find out about the usual scams and in so doing, you’ll be more ready for innovative scams nobody is up on yet.
  • How much can you earn? Realistically, the god’s honest truth.
  • Choosing region to live –  biggest single factor determining success. Choose a location that matches what you’re looking for and you’ll have the greatest time. Choose one that doesn’t – and you’ll be packing for home, or some other spot in Asia.
  • Costs in Various Regions Chart – priceless.
  • House vs. apartment – what will you be sleeping in? How best to find one?
  • Essentials – contract, moving in expenses, furnishings chart, neighbors, internet ADSL, phone, electric, water, garbage, maid
  • Transportation – taxi, motorbike, auto, share with co-worker
  • Teaching requirements – there have been significant changes recently. Covers teacher course requirements. You must stay on top of the changes as they come. Here’s how.
  • Visa Issues – non-immigrant b visa, visa on arrival by air -30 days, by land 14, overstays, fines, working illegally – without work permit what happens
  • Work permit issues – a teacher’s license is not enough.
  • Types of teaching positions – govt school, private, university, private classes
  • Types of classes you might teach: conversation, GRE prep, TOEFL prep for university entrance overseas, grammar, science, computers, drama, physical education, music, basket weaving?
  • What is teaching in Thailand like?
  • Thai coworkers & foreign coworkers
  • Teaching different ages of Thais
  • Classroom discipline – can you hit the kids? Should you?
  • Classroom style – what works. An excellent system outlined that works.
  • Day in the life of a teacher – what does a typical day look like?
  • 50 Positives to working in Thailand and teaching English
  • Finding a job – applying, dress code, interviews, questions to ask at the interview (very important). Find out what the one thing is you need to do at an interview that maybe one foreign teacher out of 100 does.
  • Working in Thailand without teaching – alternatives to teaching because you may find out quickly that teaching isn’t for you. Some love it and some don’t like it and you’re not going to know if you haven’t taught here before.
  • FAQ
  • Money saving tips
  • Helpful info and phone numbers, etc.

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  1. Raymond R Reinke says:

    Dear Mike,
    I bought 3 books from you recently…I’ve read 2 of them and I’m working on the 3rd…GREAT INFORMATION – THANKS…Also, thanks for all your personal help with my downloads…I really appreciated it.

    I want to buy the same ones for my daughter, but I’m having a terrible time with your website…I only seen to be able to buy one book at a time in stead of adding several to the same Pay Pal bill…If you go to PayPal and follow the instructions to add the CART to your website, then we could add multiple books to our bill, making it easier for your customers can buy your books.

    Best of luck,

    • admin says:

      I know what you’re saying… but, with the way does fulfillment on the books, I have to do them separately. I know it’s a pain, most people do order more than one book… Maybe some sort of fix will come to my attention in 2013. Cheers man, thanks for your note.


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