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Join our Affiliate Program to make money from sending your site visitors here to buy Thailand eBooks.

Commissions on all of our books are 60%.

What is an eBook affiliate program?

You put special links on your site that lead your visitors to our site to buy Thailand eBooks. When a visitor clicks the link on your web site and comes to he/she is tracked as they shop around our site and buy eBooks. When they decide to buy a book, (any book) or whole shopping cart of books they go through the payment process and the money ends up in our account, and the commission is shown in your affiliate account.

We have an affiliate dashboard we look at to see how much commission you made off the sale. You also can login to your affiliate account at and see real-time stats for orders that you will receive credit for.

That’s all an affiliate program is. You can receive commission from sales that occur due to you sending people to after they click an image on your site and arrive at

Payments are made often and through PayPal, or, if you are within Thailand we may be able to transfer payments by ATM to ATM transfers.

You can quit at anytime. Please read our Terms of Service.

Here is the page all your traffic ends up at to buy Thailand ebooks.

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